E-commerce Development

NordicProgrammers boasts partnership with Magento. Ever since 2011 we have been offering our clients beautiful and functional e-commerce solutions built on Magento Enterprise and Magento Community platforms. Currently, Magento is one the most rapidly growing e-commerce platforms in the world, taking up to one third of the global market. It is used by several of the world's largest retail brands.

All the experts on our team are certified by Magento. They also attend various trainings and seminars to stay on top of new functionalities available in the Magento platform.

Our expertise in the field allows us to create custom solutions without endangering the core code and to offer these one-of-a-kind solutions to our clients so that their businesses could gain advantage in this competitive market.

NordicProgrammers team of developers with expertise in all fields of programming create comprehensive Magento solutions with third party integration. Among our partners are various hosting companies such as Amazon and Mydatapage. This means that we can ensure high speed performance even when the loads are heavy.

Our e-commerce experts will closely work with your company so that the Magento solution meets all of your requirements for daily operations. Mobile accessibility is very important for e-commerce, therefore we offer responsive Magento websites for all our customers.

With multichannel marketing becoming increasingly popular among B2B clients and bigger retailers, we can ensure seamless integration to enterprise level CRM and ERP systems. We have experience in developing individual modules for third party integrations to Magento that involve Microsoft Dynamic NAV ERP and an array of SQL based systems.

We never force our clients to settle for run-of-the-mill templates or solutions. We know how important marketing functionality and design are. And even after the solution is launched we use our digital marketing expertise to direct traffic via search, email and affiliate in order to increase ROI.

Migration to Magento

Some of the most common requests we receive are to improve, upgrade or integrate existing Magento websites. Our expertise allows us to convert stores built on other platforms to the Magento platform quickly and easily, whenever the older systems become unsupported or outdated. A wide array of services helps our clients to migrate to the Magento e-commerce platform.

If you already have an extant Magento website that doesn't receive support, or have a core code system that has been overwritten and cannot be upgraded, do not hesitate to contact us. We will definitely help you and equip you with the latest version of Magento software. In addition, we offer basic SLAs and hosting services to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Magento Ecommerce Features in short

Magento is a multi-feature, professional open source e-commerce solution boasting high flexibility and control over the functionality, content, and look of all the e-commerce websites.

Magento can be considered a smart e-commerce solution. It allows highly scalable integration with various back end systems, e. g. CRM and ERP. The solution boasts incomparable customisation options and a wide range of efficient plug-ins, including the Open Step Checkout that increases basket-to-sale rates.

Nowadays search engine visibility is very important, therefore every company needs a reliable solution. The Magento platform satisfies the XML site map standard and has tools to link with Google Base. This will allow your business to be listed not only in search results, but in Google Shopping results, too.

Furthermore, the Magento platform has convenient web content management tools. Users can easily add and edit the content on their e-commerce site.

The platform also includes the ability to integrate with one of the largest payment providers, such as Google Checkout and Paypal. This allows even the smallest businesses to be up-and-running in no time. As far as bigger e-commerce vendors are concerned, the platform can be integrated with all of the major payment gateways, for instance Card Save, Sage and World Pay.

What is more, Magento can be integrated to Google Analytics and includes an e-commerce reporting suite. This is a deal breaker, enticing many companies to entrust their e-commerce websites to Magento.

We don't just claim to be Magento designers and developers, we have a track record of building and launching great looking fully customised Magento websites for a lot less than you'd imagine.

All of the above are not only empty words. We, Magento designers and developers, have built and launched beautiful bespoke Magento e-commerce websites for very reasonable prices.

Magento is open source, a lot of implementations do not have a license fee, meaning that the period of investment return can be much shorter. The Magento Enterprise platform includes the possibility for small and medium enterprises, as well as corporate clients, to be integrated into various back office systems, for instance, Oracle, Sage and MS Dynamics, where web services API is available.

Plus, it can be quickly built, is easy to use for anyone, has a wide array of customisation and hosting options, including cloud hosting and dedicated servers. Add all this up and you get a highly scalable e-commerce solution.

Our team of expert developers and web designers will create a one-of-a-kind Magento e-commerce solution that meets your needs. If you have more questions or want to discuss your ideas with one of our experienced employees, please feel free to call or e-mail us.

Future steps for an e-commerce development project

Don’t impede your growth! Join hands with us and avail all the premium services to propel your business to new levels. Discuss with us for a business proposal and we shall arrange a face to face meeting if it seems necessary. We have been successful in delivering quality products to our clients over past 4 years in Vilnius, Lithuania and many other cities in Europe. You are free to speak to our consultants or App developers.


We keep your creative ideas safe

Adhering to the corporate ethics is what we firmly believe in. We don’t hesitate in signing any Non Disclosure Agreement [NDA] with any of our clients or any third party. The designs and the source codes are exclusively yours. We are a part of the iOS Developer Program as well as an Apple iOS Developer Enterprise Program.



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