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Transform unrefined Data into Real Knowledge

Business Intelligence (BI) is widely understood as aplications, infrastructure and tools that enable organizations to access and analyze information in order to make processes better. Companies accumulate loads of information, however many of them use that information for basic reporting only. Drilling deeper into wast corporate information resources enables to identify bottlenecks in the processes, better know your customer behaviour, quickly take right decisions.

BI also enables you to connect your technical information with the financial. Let's take for example an internet provider. With the help of BI you can match data, kept in technical databases, with data in your Customer database. Using BI tools you can get information, for example, how much do we earn from internet heavy users, etc. What about connecting your corporate information with the public one, including social media? BI tools can query your corporate databases, connect this information with information, available on social media, providing insights for marketing people.

Our firm has the affluent technical background and the recognition for services which we offer. Our products are widely made use of in various industries.

We make use of Microsoft Power BI, Datazen, SQL Server, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos and other platforms help you reduce your costs, gain from data-driven decision making. We work with commercial firms across numerous industries. This includes industries such as retail & wholesale, entertainment & leisure, health care, pharmaceuticals, FMCG manufacturing, advertising, cargo handling, energy and others.


Nordicprogrammers offer you solutions based on but not limited to Microsoft Power BI, Datazen and other advanced data analytics software. We make:

  • Power BI dashboards
  • connect your custom Excel sheets with other sources, like SQL Server, Navision, etc.,
  • online Power BI dashboards for tablets, smartphones,
  • rich data analysis dashboards with deep drill-down possibilities,
  • connecting corporate data with other resources on the web

Rich Data Analysis

NordicProgrammers offers wide-ranging analysis of data to extract crucial information in favor of your business. Our strong technical background enables us to provide you rich BI services. Our company works closely with reputed research organizations which specialize in data modelling, statistics and computer science.

Advanced Report Building

We provide reporting services to our clients as well. From business applications based reporting services to furnishing total reporting solutions from scratch, we help our clients obtain significant business reports on a timely basis.

What is Power BI?

Power BI Examples

Click on any column to get insights in clicked category.
Click on bubles on the map to get information about that particular location.

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BI Infrastructure Deployment Configuration and Support

NordicProgrammers provides a stable base for your business by generating and composing efficient BI groundwork as a subject matter expert. We also offer high framework services from hardware consultation to selling licenses of softwares.



NordicProgrammers is an app, cloud, network experts and business intelligence company. We've been delivering next generation solutions through our services. Since 2008 we provide innovative solutions and services of highest quality - apps/programs, web, e-commerce, business intelligence solutions - in more than 12 countries. Our offices are located in three countries:

  • Vilnius (Lithuania) sales and project managament;
  • Stockholm (Sweden) sales;
  • Odessa (Ukraine) project development and system administration.

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Excellent knowledge of mobile technology, comprehensive experience in all key areas and the ability to provide finite solutions helps NordicProgrammers stand out from the rest. Over the last 5 years we have helped many start-up companies and leading brands by offering innovative products and solutions. From the start of 2008 NordicProgrammers annual growth is over 100% and over the next few years we are going to take a great deal of mobile technology, cloud and internet of things technology development.

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